After completing her high school education at TED Ankara College, she received the title of medical doctor at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine and  received the title of ophthalmologist as an operator doctor in Istanbul Training and Research Hospital.

With her high empathy for humans she has been serving her patients in the field of Oculoplastic Surgery for years, by combining her desire to optimise facial feautures with aesthetic vision and surgical skills.

Nilgun Demet Ozcelik is a member of the Turkish Ophthalmology Association.

Since 2021, she has been treating her patients in her own office located on Bağdat Street.


It is the desire of all of us to have symmetrical and proportional facial features, and it plays an important role in instilling trust in human relations and establishing effective bonds. These features, which primarily affect the self-confidence of the person, constitute the main starting point of today's aesthetic and functional surgeries.
When the eyes, eyelids, forehead, temple, mid face, lips and chin, which are the most impressive parts of the human face, are harmonic, proportionate and symmetrical, they create a much more impressive and feminine appearance in women and masculine appearance in men.

The services we provide in our office of oculoplastic surgery for you are as follows...







What is the earliest age ı can have eyelid surgery?
Functional eyelid surgeries can be performed at any age. Aesthetic eyelid surgeries, on the other hand, can be performed after the age of 18, if there is an indication.
Is there a risk of going blind in eyelid surgery?
If such an intervention is performed by a physician who is familiar with eye anatomy and diseases, a complication that may cause blindness does not occur.
Can everyone have almond eye aesthetics, will it be beneficial for under-eye bags?
It is not possible to perform almond eye aesthetics for every patient. In the appropriate patient, with the correct anatomical planning, it contributes to the recovery of the skin of your lower eyelids, but it is not possible to dissolve the under-eye bags in the form of fat herniation.
Do you use a rope hanger for almond eye aesthetics?
No, I don't use it, I prefer surgical methods.
Does filling in the eyelid cupping work?
We get very good results in a suitable patient with a suitable anatomical structure. Another alternative is fat injection into the eyelids.
When does the scar of the eyelid aesthetic surgery go away?
My advice is to use scar cream for at least 3-6 months, protect from the sun, do not rub, do not smoke and eat healthy. When the rules are followed, 3-6. We find it difficult to see the surgical scar even with a microscope in the monthly controls.